Larsen Energy Systems and their HVAC specialists will ensure high quality HVAC Maintenance & Service at Sonoma County. We will ensure to clean motors, change filters, check electrical connections, clean evaporative/condensing coils, purge condensate drain and make sure all vents  are intact and unimpeded.

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance & Service

Heating and cooling systems are essential to your comfort and well-being, whether at home or at your workplace. A comfortable temperature and clean, well-ventilated airflow can make a difference in your attitude, productivity, and even your health. To keep your air flow clean, a well-maintained system has never been more important.  Maintaining your furnace, air conditioner, and ventilation systems can improve the quality of your indoor air and the quality of your life. And if you own a business, it can improve your employees’ experience at work as well.

Regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance & service can save money and time by increasing the efficiency of your equipment and lowering your energy costs, while decreasing the amount you spend on major repairs. Proactive care of your heating and AC units can extend their lifespan, which keeps even more money in your pocket by saving on replacement costs. Not having to call us for emergency repairs or spend time having your equipment replaced saves you time as well.

And time is also money.

By keeping your heating and air conditioning systems efficient, you are helping the environment by conserving energy. For your home or business, regular maintenance is just the smart thing to do.

Our Maintenance Services

Larsen Energy Systems can service all the components of your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Whether you have a furnace and air conditioning system, a heat pump that heats and cools, or a ductless system, we can take care of it. We also offer customized ductwork and can maintain and repair ducts as needed.

Our trained technicians can provide regularly scheduled services or make emergency service calls. We have the experience and expertise needed to diagnose problems in your HVAC system and to make the necessary repairs. We also know what steps to take during regular maintenance to keep your HVAC units running smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible.

We service all of Sonoma County and the surrounding area, including Marin County, offering HVAC maintenance for both commercial and residential properties. Whatever your HVAC needs are, our professional HVAC team can help.


At Larsen Energy Systems, we recommend at least annual maintenance for all your equipment. The absolute best option, though, is to service the air conditioning system in the spring and the furnace and heating system in the fall. That way, you know that your filters are clean and that your equipment is solid and ready to go for the coming high-use season. It’s also a good idea because equipment that has sat unused can sometimes need maintenance and lubrication even more than equipment that has been in regular use – like a car that has sat for a few weeks without being driven. For the best peace of mind, email or call us to schedule a spring and fall appointment.

The type of maintenance that is done depends on your system. But at the very least, all filters should be cleaned or replaced, electrical wires and connections checked, refrigerant added if required, ducts checked for obstruction and dirt, blower motors and coils should be cleaned and moving parts lubricated if needed. For a gas furnace, checking for signs of gas leaks or thermocouple wear and making sure the pilot light is functioning correctly are other maintenance points. Checking carbon monoxide levels is also important. Checking vents and ductwork for leaks that could cause loss of airflow and inefficiency is another important aspect of your inspection.

Although cost can vary depending on your system, the average cost of maintenance is around $100 per visit. And when you consider the potential for savings on your energy bills, repair, and replacement costs, the maintenance work usually pays for itself.

Larsen Energy Systems is a locally owned and operated family business with over ten years of experience. We are professionally licensed, insured, and bonded. We care about our customers and work hard to provide the highest quality, cost-effective solution for you and your HVAC system. Plus, we offer full-service maintenance and repair. Whether you need help with a traditional furnace and air conditioning system, customized ductwork, or a ductless system, we are the HVAC professionals to call. For all your Santa Rosa and surrounding area HVAC needs, call Larsen Energy Systems today!

Is your furnace broken? Noisy? Tends to break every year? We can help.