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A split system is best installed for a room addition, small separate dwelling, environments with zero crawl space.

Multi zone splits are available to cover every room in your household. Mini splits are mostly seen in hotels where square ft. is the goal, they tend to be convenient and expensive. All of that engineering in a tight package is going to be costly to the consumer.

Programming a thermostat is a lot like programming a watch. You press the set/program button and it will go through all the time & temperature settings in order from morning to evening. Four settings is the standard (wake, leave, return home, sleep).I lean toward programming to a minimum.

For example, when you’re heating you might want to start with something like 64 degrees. As you settle into your space you can decide on your perfect level of comfort. Every degree in heat saves 2 – 3%. For example 67F instead of 72F is a 10% savings on your utility bill.

If you find yourself asking if you might need to replace the ducting in your crawl space (basement, attic, etc.) we’ve got you covered! We strictly use R-8 duct, which has almost 3 inches of insulation with a metalized vaper barrier.

Depending on when your duct was installed, you more than likely have only about an inch of insulation (less efficient).

I tend to push for forced air unit, which is the best for purification of the air we breathe. Zone systems are a great way to reduce area that needs to be conditioned, I always recommend variable speed equipment. This way, you will only use what percentage has a call(no less than 40%)

Zone systems with bypass or dump zones are not ideal because they may cause a short cycling, freeze coils, or overheat your furnace heat exchanger which will drastically reduce the life of your equipment.

Is your furnace broken? Noisy? Tends to break every year? We can help.