Ductless heating and cooling systems at Sonoma County. Do you have an older home in Sonoma Counties historical area that has never had ductwork installed? Or maybe a small home or office that has non-traditional heating and air conditioning? Is it possible your ductwork is rusted and decrepit and needs to be completely replaced? Are you dreading the cost of duct installation but don’t want to rely on noisy window air conditioners or deal with the cold/hot spots that can happen with electric wall heaters?

We’ve got your answer! With modern, split and mini-split ductless heating and cooling systems, you don’t have to compromise. You can have quiet/even heating & cooling that gives you the comfort you deserve without the expense of adding or replacing ductwork. If you prefer a traditional furnace and AC system, and awkward spaces are the reason you are worried about installing ducts, we can even create customized sheet metal ductwork.


We will do whatever works best to meet your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. Call Larsen Energy Systems today and find out how ductless can work for your home or business.


In addition to sparing you the expense and trouble of adding ducts, ductless heating and cooling systems offer several advantages:

  • The units are small and unobtrusive, as well as extremely quiet. You will barely realize that they are there even when they are running.
  • These units are great at removing humidity from the air, creating a more comfortable environment.
  • Using an inverter-driven compressor that can speed up or slow down based on the heating and cooling needs of the area being conditioned, ductless units are extremely energy efficient. Regular furnaces and air conditioners heat or cool up to a certain point and then shut off until the air reaches a certain temperature. This leaves you with a constant variation in temperature and only intermittent times of the temp being exactly right. Ductless systems can maintain a constant temp more efficiently and save energy while doing it. And no heat or air is lost due to poor connections or cracks in ductwork, for an added efficiency bonus.
  • That increased energy efficiency is great for the environment and your finances.
  • You no longer need to worry about keeping ducts clean and free of dust and allergy-inducing particles that can be carried from room to room by the duct system.
  • Your home can have multiple heating and cooling zones, allowing you to individualize the temperature for different areas of your house or commercial property. Maybe you need more cooling in the kitchen area where you are working but want the living room to be a little cozier. With a mini-split, multi-zone ductless HVAC system, you can do that. You might even want only to heat or cool certain areas, such as a laundry room or office, when you are using them.
  • Ductless heating and cooling systems can also be used as an easily installed supplement to a system you already have. If you have added on a room or want to condition an area that is not hooked to your central air or heating system, such as a garage, a single zone ductless unit might be the perfect, low-cost way to get the added comfort you need.


The cost of a ductless system can range from a few thousand dollars to over ten thousand, depending on the size of the system you need, whether you need a single zone or multi-zone system, the brand, and energy efficiency rating that you choose, and installation factors. However, if you have a home that does not already have ductwork, it can be more cost-effective than installing a traditional furnace and air conditioning system with ducts. And ductless systems are energy efficient, saving you money on your utility bills. They are also easy to maintain and can lower overall repair costs for the life of the equipment. Plus, you will no longer have to worry about paying someone to clean and maintain your ductwork. And finally, you may be eligible for rebates or credits for using these energy-efficient systems.

Trane systems range from just over $2,000 to over $15,000 for the combination of heating and cooling equipment, plus installation costs. Again, this is affected by whether you need a single-zone or multi-zone system, the size of the units, and the style and energy efficiency rating that you choose. Larsen’s professionals can review all the options with you, giving you an idea of what would work best and help you make the most cost-effective decision. The great thing about Trane is that you know that you are always getting a top-quality product for the price. Trane also offers special financing options.

Larsen Energy Systems is a local, family-owned and operated business with over ten years of HVAC experience serving Sonoma and Marin Counties. We are professionally licensed, bonded, and insured and a full-service company offering maintenance, repairs, and new installation. For all your HVAC needs in Santa Rosa and the surrounding area, we’re the professionals that you can depend on to do the job right and at a fair price. If you are thinking about switching to a ductless system, call Larsen Energy Systems for a free assessment and quote today!

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