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Larsen Energy Systems offers a full range of HVAC services. We are a local, family-owned business, serving residential and commercial properties in Sonoma County and the surrounding areas (Healdsburg, Windsor, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa County, Penngrove, Petaluma, Novato and Marin County) for over 20 years.

Whether you need an emergency repair to your central air or a new installation, we’ve got your AC needs covered. Our trained technicians can diagnose your air conditioner’s issues and make recommendations for repair and/or replacement. We also provide regularly scheduled maintenance services, which is the most successful way to fend off problems before they occur.

For a new air conditioning unit, we provide a complimentary estimate for your project and help you decide which brand and equipment best suits your home/business. We can replace or repair your furnace, keeping you comfortable year-round by meeting all your heating and air conditioning needs. You won’t have to wait until the coldest day in winter to find out that your heating system has failed. Our HVAC contractors provide preventative maintenance by checking your existing furnace while out repairing your AC.

We also offer heat pump solutions (all electric) which provide both heating/cooling within one system. Heat pumps are an excellent way to go solar, eliminating Co2 emissions and gas bills!

Our services extend to your entire ventilation system. In addition to making sure your heat/AC equipment is working, our professionals will also ensure that your ductwork is set up correctly for optimum airflow and efficiency.

We offer install of air purification products to keep your indoor air quality high. If systems need customized ductwork, we can offer custom plenums to suit your needs.

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The cost of the control board varies widely depending on the brand of air conditioner that you have. You could be looking at a little over $100 to around $500 for the part. We also may be able to repair the board, saving cost on the total replacement. Call a Larsen contractor to have it checked, and we will provide you with an estimate of the repair or replacement cost.

The inside and outside parts of a split unit almost always need to be replaced at once. The inside and outside coils need to match. A mismatch can cause poor performance or a breakdown of the AC. Plus, the old system is unlikely to provide the same Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). That is a measurement of the amount of energy required to cool. A higher number means increased efficiency. In 2015, the minimum SEER rating was increased to 14 for this area. However, many AC units now offer higher SEER ratings and significantly improved efficiency. But all the parts need to work at the same level to maximize those results.

Replacing the furnace isn’t always necessary since air conditioners tend to need replacement more often than furnaces. However, there are several reasons why you should replace your heating system when you update your cooling system. First, it’s cost-effective to replace both at once. Another reason is that they share components. Your air conditioner is going to use the blower that is part of your furnace, and if the blower is older, you may not get the expected energy efficiency from your newer air conditioner. The mismatch could cause less than the best performance from your AC or decrease its lifespan. If your furnace is 15 years or older, it is definitely a good idea to change out both at the same time.

The first thing to consider is the upfront cost. If repair costs are a third or more of replacement costs, a new AC is the best way to go. You also need to think about the age of your unit and the frequency of repairs. If your AC is older, even small fixes might be adding up to a big chunk of money that would be better spent on an upgrade. If the machine is so old that parts are hard or impossible to find, then replacement may be your only option. This is true for air conditioners that use freon since freon is being phased out and is no longer produced or imported in the US. You should also consider the efficiency and effectiveness of your current AC. Is it large enough and effective enough to cool your entire building? Could you save enough money with a newer, more energy-efficient AC? And are there energy credits or rebates available to help cover the cost? Larsen Energy Systems is happy to help you look at all these factors and make the best choice.

As a locally owned family business, we genuinely care about our customers and want to help you get the best energy services for your money. We are professionally licensed, insured, and bonded. And we are also a full-service HVAC team with over ten years of experience. We provide free estimates for installation jobs, and you can call us for emergency repair services. For your total comfort and satisfaction, call the pros at Larsen Energy Systems today!

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